Blitch Bango


If you're a fan of Blitch Bango and want to know where the ideas come from, this page is an attempt to convey that information. We draw inspiration from many different types of music: rock, jazz, folk, country, world. But this is by no means any admission that we like ALL rock or ALL country, etc. There is good and bad in all forms of music. Moreover, what is good and bad is subjective. Music is subjective. Some people think great music is made by bands whose names end in "Project," still others think great music is made by artists whose names end in "itney." Heck, some people even like Blitch Bango. It's all subjective. There is no right and wrong. But I digress.

Like any musicians, we are influenced by just about anything we listen to and like. A musician's creative work is the distillation of all his influences, and his influences are the sum of his likes and interests. Here are some of ours: