Blitch Bango

Space Time Liner Notes

All guitars, basses, percussion by Blitch Bango. No synths or keyboards. Music and original lyrics by B. Mathis, M. Tailor. Lyrics to "The Whispering Gallery" excerpted from The House of Whispers by William Le Queux, 1910 (public domain).

Recorded at The Spare Room 2013-2014, and The South Room 2014. Mixed and mastered at The South Room 2014-2015. Mixed loud - play loud. Cover and sleeve design by Hot Dog. Produced by Blitch Bango.

Samples: 2) The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot as read by Basil Munroe Godevenos for LibriVox. 7) Winds of Doctrine: Studies in Contemporary Opinion by George Santayana as read by Expatriate for LibriVox. 9) The Indiscreet Letter by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott as read by Kehinde for LibriVox. 15) BBC documentary Brief City (1952) as narrated by Hugh Casson. All samples are from public domain works and recordings.

Copyright 2013-2015, Blitch Bango